JACCR-AFRICA Journal of African Clinical Cases and Reviews (ISSN: 1859-5138) is an open-access peer reviewed online journal that deals with medicine and related health disciplines, therefore multidisciplinary. It is a quarterly journal (4 issues per year) in online publication. The time between submission and final decision (Acceptance or Rejection) is an average of 6 weeks. However, an accepted article is published online on average within two weeks of acceptance. The spread of medical know-how through scientific communities necessarily passes through this editorial aspect, including ''clinical cases and reviews'', and thus avoiding diagnostic wanderings and also guaranteeing a harmonization of good clinical practice. Reviews are a valuable means of continuous training and updating the knowledge and skills already acquired. Jaccr Africa also publishes prospective and retrospective studies in the form of reviews of patient records.

JACCR-AFRICA aims to be a window for disseminating the scientific work of the African continent through clinical cases and reviews (Literature Reviews and Records Reviews) by comparing the literature data with the results of the African studies with a particular focus on clinical, environmental and socio-cultural aspects. However, clinical cases occupies an important role in medical scientific sharing .As for images in medicine, it is also an essential component in sharing practical experience, giving practitioners an easy ability to memorize clinical facts.

Moreover, it is clear that further examination remains contributory even if it is an indispensable tool for certain diagnoses. This is why the reading committee evaluates above all the clinic and the essential paraclinical arguments to reassure itself of the scientific reliability of a manuscript submitted to JACCR-AFRICA for publication and therefore a sharing with the scientific community particularly in Africa. Finally, within the framework of the concept of ''One Health'' fundamentalists (Biology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Immunology, Bacteriology, Neuroscience, Histo-embryology, Physiology... ect) are also concerned about the publication in JACCR-AFRICA through their reviews, letters to the editor, short communication , description of a technique in the laboratory and others.
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